Official Rules:

All year we are looking for new designs. Please submit your design to us, if chosen we will notify you via email that your design was chosen.
Maximum number of winners will be one per month, a maximum of 12 per year.


If your design is chosen you will win a prototype of your design, free socks in your design, and royalties per each sock that is sold in your design for that calendar year! Royalties to be discussed after winner has been picked.

This contest is open to the general public, not just moms with little ones.


Your design must be unique. You may submit as many designs as you wish. Your design does not need to be limited to girls only. You may submit boys designs as well. You may also submit a design for different age groups, not just 0-12 months (this is all we currently sell) as we are looking to expand our product line. When you submit a design please specify gender and size as well as as much detail as you possibly can.

Good Luck! We look forward to seeing all of your ideas!